jueves, junio 28, 2007
Zimmers Hole - Legion Of Flames


Chris Valagao - Vocals (Dr. Heathen Hooch, Lorde of Ass-Fire) [Also known as 'E.Val']
Jed Simon - Guitar (El Smooché, Lord of Electric Wynde)
Chris Stanley - Guitar (The High Commander of the Satanic Bubble)
Byron Stroud - Bass (Sickie Moochmaster, Lorde of Greased Thunder)
Steven Wheeler - Drums (Bangsley Starnipples, Lorde of Strobe Lightning)

Estilo:Thrash/Grind/Metal / Comedia


1. The Hole Is The Law
2. Death To The Dodgers Of Soap
3. Re-Anaconda
4. Legion Of Flames
5. Well Of Misfortune
6. Aerometh
7. Evil Robots
8. Gender Of The Beast
9. Rock Move 47
10. 1000 Miles Of Cock
11. Sodomanaz
12. That's How Drunks Drink
13. Doggy Style
14. This Flight Tonight
15. White Trash Momma
16. Gaysong
17. Mushroom Mattress
18. Satan Is A Gay Porno Star
19. Platinum Shine
20. The Death Of The Resurrection Of The Death Of Metal

Productor Devin Townsend