jueves, septiembre 14, 2006
Icepick - Violent Epiphany



1. Devotion Measures Strength
2. Bitter Twisted Memory
3. Tomorrow Is Not a Promise
4. Violent Ephiphany
5. Creations of Chaos
6. With One Ideal
7. Show of Force
8. This Can Never Be Undone
9. Nothing Without Loyalty
10. Real Recognizes Real - Rev. Paul Bearer, Esq., Freddy Cricien, Ice-T, The Icepick, Roger Miret,
11. Onward to Victory
12. Born to Crush You

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Icepick es un proyecto paralelo de Jamey Jasta, vocalista de Hatebreed y en el cual participa junto al vocalista de Skarhead. Lord Ezec.